Blog: To Execute, or to Exonerate the Actually Innocent – Is That Really the Question?


By: Brooke Kargman, Associate Staff There have been vast advancements in forensic science largely due to developments in DNA technology.  Many prisoners who have maintained their innocence have accessed DNA evidence ultimately substantiating their claims, which was previously unobtainable.[1]  Inevitably, appeals courts are now confronted with “actual innocence” claims, including …

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Blog: Personal Data Security and the “BYOD” Problem: Who is Truly at Risk?


By: Jill Smaniotto, Associate Manuscripts Editor “Bring your own device” policies are undeniably on the rise in the realm of business IT.  According a recent survey, roughly two-fifths of U.S. consumers working for large enterprises use their personally-owned devices—i.e. smartphones, tablets, or desktops—for at least some aspect of their work.[1]  …

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