Blog: Twitter Fights for Its First Amendment Right

By: Andrea Mousouris, Associate Articles Editor

Whether we realize it or not, our online activity is being watched. And whether we like it or not, Twitter, among other tech giants, shares our personal data with the U.S. government...

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Blog: Virtual Adultery: The World of Cyber Cheating

By: Micala MacRae, Associate Notes & Comments Editor

A virtual adultery epidemic has swept the nation. Online chat rooms, Facebook, twitter and other forms of social media have enabled individuals to make virtual connections that some argue are grounds for divorce...

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Blog: e-Vino Veritas: Archaic Wine Regulation in the Digital Age

By: Barry Gabay, Notes & Comments Editor has completely transformed humans’ understanding of book availability. A book that may have eluded our grasp for months or even years can now be readily attained in a matter of seconds...

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Blog: Football Concussion Suits: Reasonable or Hard Headed?

By: Bradford Schulz, Associate Staff

Juries across the nation recently are being asked to determine reasonable standards for football concussion helmet suits...

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Transparency in Law Enforcement: The Trend Towards Officer Body Cameras

by Eileen Waters, Associate Staff 

            The concept of body-mounted cameras worn by police officers is not brand new; in fact, police departments across the United States, England, Brazil, and Australia have been implementing systems with wearable cameras since the early 2000s.

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Homer Simpson May Be Headed to Court…D’Oh!

by Megan Carboni, Associate Staff

            Earlier this August, patent rights’ holder Alki David, owner of Hologram USA, filed suit against The Simpsons’ broadcaster, 20th Century Fox, for alleged patent rights infringements...

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Blocked: The Limits of Social Media as Evidence

by John A. Myers, Associate Staff

In the digital age, social media has become a dominant form of communication. Because of the increased usage of social media in recent years, user contributions to social media have increasingly been used as evidence in litigation...

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Riley v. California: Constitutional Reasonableness and Digital Device Searches

By: Adam Lamparello & Charles MacLean[1]

August 6, 2014

In an era of metadata collection and warrantless searches of laptops at the border, the Supreme Court recognized that privacy—and the Fourth Amendment—still matter.

A. The Court’s Opinion

In Riley v. California,[2] the defendant was sto...

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2014-2015 Student Law and Technology Writing Competition

The Richmond Journal of Law and Technology is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2014-2015 Student Law and Technology Writing Competition.  From now until midnight EST on Sunday, January 11th, 2015, all law students across the country will be eligible to compete in the writing competiti...

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Blog: Fishy Law

by Walton Milam, Associate Staff

For years, Virginia anglers have lamented the arbitrary three mile line separating the legal area to chase Virginia’s striped bass from the “exclusive economic zone”[1] where commercial boats can legally reek havoc[2] on schools of striper for which the Virgi...

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