Blog: The CSI Effect


by Emma Buck, Associate Staff   Like millions of Americans, I appreciate a good crime show where you can cheer on the good guys and count down the episodes until Bones and Booth or Castle and Beckett or DiNozzo and David get together. However, this harmless entertainment may be creating …

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Blog: Vindictive Exes Need to Find a New Outlet: States Consider Outlawing ‘Revenge Porn’


by Taylor Linkous, Associate Staff Technology and pornography–one of the great love stories of our time. That’s right; technology and porn have always had an exciting, juicy, and mutually beneficial relationship.  Where technology goes, porn follows.  Take the Polaroid camera. Much of the success of the Polaroid camera is said …

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Blog: Aging Adults and Technology


by Morgan Ackerman, Managing Editor   Admittedly aging adults is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the intersection of law and technology. However, there have been many recent technological advancements to aid aging adults and their caregivers. These advancements are aimed to both enable seniors …

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Sedona Conference® to Use JOLT Article at 10th Annual Georgetown Law Center Advanced e-Discovery Institute Program


For ten years, the Sedona Conference® has been working together with the Georgetown Advanced e-Discovery Institute to produce the finest e-Discovery education in the nation. To celebrate the ten year anniversary of this unique collaboration, the Sedona e-Discovery Cooperation Training Program will come to Georgetown on November 21 to host three concurrent …

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Blog: The Dangers of Keyloggers


by Miles Jolley, Associate Staff   A few college kids have recently found themselves in federal hot water for taking advantage of campus computers.  For two different but sinister ends, Matthew Weaver and Marcus Barrington used keyloggers to steal others’ online usernames and passwords.  If you’re like me, you have …

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