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JOLT Article Requested for National Association of Women Lawyers Conference

The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) has requested one of Richmond JOLT’s articles for its 8th Annual General Counsel Institute.  This article, TECHNOLOGY-ASSISTED REVIEW IN E-DISCOVERY CAN BE MORE EFFECTIVE AND MORE EFFICIENT THAN EXHAUSTIVE MANUAL REVIEW. by Maura R. Grossman & Gordon V. Cormack, is part of JOLT’s E-discovery file. NAWL’s event garners an audience typically of 250 general counsels of public, private, large and small companies, non-profits, government, and educational institutions.


The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) is a national voluntary legal professional organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women’s rights. Founded in 1899, long before most local and national bar associations admitted women, the Association has historically served as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession.

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Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute requests JOLT article

Georgetown’s Advanced eDiscovery Institute will use a JOLT article for its program materials.  The Article, titled, “Federal Rule of Evidence 502: Has It Lived Up to Its Potential?” Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. XVII, Issue 3,” was written by Judge Paul Grimm.

Georgetown’s Advanced eDiscovery Institute has gained a reputation among judges, practitioners, and vendors as the leading eDiscovery conference of its kind in the United States. In its ninth year, the program, scheduled for Dec. 6–7 2012, gives attendees access to more federal judges than any similar program.  It provides the opportunity to learn at an advanced level from the leading eDiscovery practitioners and academics from across the country.

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