A “Pinteresting” Question: Is Pinterest Here to Stay? A Study in How IP Can Help Pinterest Lead a Revolution

Download PDF by Stephanie Chau* I.  Introduction [1]        Bulletin boards and pushpins are archaic.  Yet, each day represents a new paradigm for the technologically savvy.  Innovators pair old concepts with new functionalities and technology, often achieving groundbreaking results.  Digital counterparts for Post-It notes emerged for computers and other wireless devices.[1]  …

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Technologies-That-Must-Not-Be-Named: Understanding and Implementing Advanced Search Technologies in E-Discovery

 Download PDF  by Jacob Tingen I. Introduction [1] The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were created to promote the “just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding.”[1] Unfortunately, in the world of e-discovery, case determinations are often anything but speedy and inexpensive.[2] The manual review process is notoriously …

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Legal Research

Timothy Coggins

 Finding Legal, Factual, and Other Information in a Digital World  by Timothy L. Coggins* Cite as: Timothy L. Coggins, Finding Legal, Factual, and Other Information in a Digital World, XVIII Rich. J. L. & Tech. 2, http://jolt.richmond.edu/index.php/legal-research/ Download PDF I.       Introduction [1]        This updated listing of Internet sites for legal, factual, and other …

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