Blog: Trapping “Trappy”; the FAA’s Attempt to Regulate Model Aircrafts

by Laura Bedson, Associate Symposium and Survey Editor

Say it isn’t so!  The days of unregulated model airplane flying may well be behind us, particularly if the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has anything to say about it...

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Blog: Will “Smart Guns” be Accepted as a Trailblazing Technology or Lead to Constitutional Issues?

by Taylor Linkous, Associate Technology and Public Relations Editor

            Gun control is one of the most controversial and divisive issues in America and with a slew of mass shootings in recent years, the debate seems to have only intensified...

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Blog: The Overbroad Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Its Implications and Why Its Scope Should be Narrowed

by Barry Gabay, Associate Staff

If you are at work and you are reading this, you may be subject to federal criminal sanctions.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the federal government’s key anti-hacking law, was originally enacted in 1986 to deter hackers from wrongfully obtaining confidential gover...

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Blog: How Will the Government Deal with Bitcoin?

By: Associate Technology and Public Relations Editor, Taylor Linkous

            As bitcoin continues to rise in popularity and value and steadily establishes itself in the mainstream economy, it has simultaneously revealed its flaws and weaknesses...

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Blog: Snapchat – Defeating an Authenticity Objection in Court

by Danielle Bringard, Associate Survey and Symposium Editor       

             We’ve all done it.  We’ve all taken the “selfie...

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Blog: Banned from the Web: Is the Internet Really a Human Right?

by Catherine M. Gray, Associate Manuscripts Editor

Just before Valentine’s Day, a Racine County Circuit Court judge banned a Wisconsin resident from using the Internet for thirty months.1 Jason Willis, a thirty-one year old resident of Waterford, created a Craigslist ad requesting “nude male sui...

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facebook privacy

Blog: Facebook’s Continuing Privacy Policy Battle: Parents Concerned Over the Use of Children’s Information in Advertisements

By: Jasmine McKinney, Associate Manuscripts Editor   

By now, most of us probably know that Facebook is no stranger to lawsuits...

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Blog: Net Neutrality

By Jessica Ertel, Associate Articles Editor

The D.C. Court of Appeals recently turned down federal net neutrality legislation, thus allowing Internet service providers to charge Internet companies fees for faster delivery of Internet content.

Net neutrality legislation requires that broadband provid...

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Blog: Snapchat May Not Be Just for Friends – How About Insider Trading?

by Dylan Denslow, Associate Technology and Public Relations Editor

          Since its launch in September 2011, Snapchat has amassed some 26 million users who together send an average 400 million “snaps” each day.[1]  To say the app is popular is an understatement...

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Sedona Conference® to Use JOLT Article in Webinar



Sedona Conference® Webinar

ESI in the Criminal Justice System – From Initial Investigation through Trial

           The Sedona Conference® is hosting a two-part webinar on electronically stored information (ESI) as it relates to criminal justice system...

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