Streaming Downton Abbey: When Will the Law Catch Up to Global Television?

       by Cate Gray, Associate Manuscripts Editor

     On January 5, 2014, PBS premiered season four of critically acclaimed period drama Downton Abbey to record-breaking ratings in the United States.[1]  The problem for diehard fans truly committed to knowing the trials and tribulation...

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Symposium Series: What Is Information Governance?

     by Peter Sloan, Husch Blackwell LLP

February 5, 2014


If anything cries out for organizational governance today, surely it is information...

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Announcement: Symposium Registration Now Open

Registration for our yearly symposium, Information Governance: A Comprehensive Approach to e-Discovery, is now open


Please follow the above link for a speaker schedule, the registration form, and all other details.  We hope to have you.



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Blog: With E-Cigarettes, FDA Regulation Likely to Rule the Day

By: Walton Milam, Associate Staff

Though the FDA banned Television advertisements for cigarettes over four decades ago, e-Cigarettes advertisements are not yet subject to these FDA regulations and have flooded the airwaves recently.[1]  E-cigarette advertisements will even make it on the air during ...

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Blog: Drones, the future of delivery?

by Emma Buck, Associate Staff

Futuristic movies, television shows, and books have introduced us to the idea of unmanned drones in our everyday lives. Imagine having your mail or packages delivered by something that resembles a mini-helicopter and is piloted by someone many miles away...

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Blog: Google Glass Becoming Problematic for Legislators and Law Enforcement

by Kevin Conneran, Associate Technical & Public Relations Editor

Google Glass is the future of computers (if you believe Google)...

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Blog: Google Turns Up the Heat

by Anne Curtis Saunders, Associate Staff

Last week, the ever-innovative Google acquired Nest Labs (Nest), a small Palo Alto operation, for a whopping $3.2 billion, roughly five percent of Google’s available cash.[1] Nest is a producer of “reinvented” home products, an example of which is its cutti...

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Blog: Is Your Secure Online Shopping Information Really Secure?

by Spencer Mead, Associate Survey and Symposium Editor

The invention of the internet forever changed the way consumers shop. Consumers now can order an item and receive it within less than 24 hours of the order date...

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Blog: Sniffing for Patent Infringement

by: Billy Raska, Associate Staff

Starting back in 2011, Innovatio IP Ventures, LLC (“Innovatio”) began suing various hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and other commercial Wi-Fi users for infringing several patents that it had acquired from Intermec Technologies Corporation and Interm...

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Recap of the 20th Volume Alumni Celebration

Thank you to all of those who joined us at JOLT‘s 20th Volume Alumni Celebration.  It was wonderful to see so many generations of alumni.


Ben Fox, Editor-in-Chief, kicks off the evening by introducing Rick Klau.

IMG_8621 1

JOLT Co-Founder Rick Klau gives the keynote address, describing how an arbitrary dead...

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