healthcaregov “Obamacare” Website May Lead to Lawsuits

by Laura Bedson, Associate Staff

On October 1 of 2013 the much awaited online insurance exchanges launched under the Affordable Care Act.  With this launch millions of uninsured people were to be offered health insurance plans on

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American Football Field Yard Lines

Blog: Is Your Fantasy League Technically Illegal in Virginia?

by Miles Jolley, Associate Staff

Your initial response to this question is probably, “No way bro!” But answering this question under Virginia law may not be as easy as it seems.  If your league requires an entry fee and then allocates the pot to your league’s best, you may be breaking Virginia law.

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Blog: Online Shopping is at a Legal Crossroads

by Spencer Mead, Associate Staff

Shopping today looks very different than it did 20 years ago. Online retailers like Amazon have forever changed the way consumers shop. A person can hop on the internet, travel to a website such as, and order a wide variety of items in a matter of minutes...

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Blog: More On Apple’s Touch ID – Getting Under Our Skin and Around the Law

by Laura Bedson, Associate Staff

Consumers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the newest Apple products.  But, it appears that with the launch of the iPhone 5s those same hands will be used for something more than just coveting Apple’s newest creation...

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Blog: Email Scanning by Gmail and Other ISPs: Should We Lose Our Privacy Rights When We Send Emails?

by Jasmine McKinney, Associate Staff

In late September, a federal judge allowed a lawsuit against Google to move forward, when ruling that Google may indeed be violating wiretap law when it scans the e-mails of users not using a Gmail account.[1]  Google utilizes automatic scanning of all e-mail tha...

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Blog: One Week, Two Big Facebook Stories

by Fiona Clancy, Associate Staff

On Monday, October 14, 2013, two girls, ages twelve and fourteen were arrested in Florida and charged with aggravated stalking, a third-degree felony.[1]  The charges against the two suspects stem from their cyberbullying of Rebecca Sedwick, just twelve years old, ...

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Blog: Express Yourself…With Caution! – “Likes” on Facebook

by Jessica Ertel, Associate Staff

How many times have you subconsciously clicked the thumbs up button on Facebook?  Every time you log onto Facebook, it is inevitable that something amusing, smart, or relatable will pop up on your news feed which will warrant the social sign of approval, the “like...

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Blog: The CSI Effect

by Emma Buck, Associate Staff

Like millions of Americans, I appreciate a good crime show where you can cheer on the good guys and count down the episodes until Bones and Booth or Castle and Beckett or DiNozzo and David get together...

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Blog: Vindictive Exes Need to Find a New Outlet: States Consider Outlawing ‘Revenge Porn’

by Taylor Linkous, Associate Staff

Technology and pornography–one of the great love stories of our time. That’s right; technology and porn have always had an exciting, juicy, and mutually beneficial relationship.  Where technology goes, porn follows.  Take the Polaroid camera...

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Blog: Aging Adults and Technology

by Morgan Ackerman, Managing Editor

Admittedly aging adults is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the intersection of law and technology. However, there have been many recent technological advancements to aid aging adults and their caregivers...

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