Blog: Mario vs. the Internet: How Nintendo Chose to Enforce its Intellectual Property Rights

By Dimitri Karles, Associate Staff

The universal appeal of video games is impossible to deny. According to data collected by the Electronics Software Rating Board, the regulatory body that oversees the video game industry, 67% of US households play video games.[1] This ubiquity has led to record s...

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JOLT 2013-2014 Outlook and Announcement of 20th Volume Alumni Celebration

by Benjamin Fox, Editor-in-Chief

Following the announcement of the new staff members in August, JOLT turned its full attention to Volume XX.  I would like to take a few moments to discuss our outlook for this year, and announce some special plans...

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Blog: Should Search Engines be Responsible for Personal Information on the Internet?

by Spencer Mead, Associate Staff

Should Search Engines be Responsible for Personal Information on the Internet?


            Advances in technology and the Internet have revolutionized how human beings interact. 20 years ago, embarrassing moments were rarely caught on camera...

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Blog: NCAA Getting Out of the Video Game Business?

By Kevin Conneran, Associate Staff

With the beginning of a new football season, every college football fan is acutely aware of the challenges that his or her school will face this season...

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Blog: NSA Surveillance, the Boston Bombing, and Political Incentives

by Walton Milam, Associate Staff

The National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic electronic communication has garnered much attention in recent months...

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Blog: I Just (Don’t) Want My MTV: VMA Performances Spark Movement for A La Carte Cable

 By:  Catherine Gray, Associate Staff 

            I admit it. I love the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). From Lil’ Kim’s seashell pasty in 1999 to Beyoncé announcing her pregnancy with Blue Ivy in 2011, the VMA’s always deliver just the right combination of crazy, ridiculous, and pu...

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Blog: Welcoming our Volume XX Associate Staff

by Benjamin Fox, Editor-in-Chief, Volume XX
It is my distinct honor to introduce the incoming staff members of Volume XX of the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology...
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Blog: Social Media Files and the Stored Communications Act

By:  Adam Young, Associate Survey and Symposium Editor


            We, as a society, have entered into an era in which electronic communications has become the preferred way of communicating with friends, co-workers and loved ones...

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Sedona Conference to use JOLT article in 2013 Conference Materials

The Sedona Conference® is hosting the 7th Annual “Staying Ahead of the e-discovery Curve Conference” from  March 21 to 22, 2013 in San Diego, CA.  This conference of approximately 200 attendees brings together a faculty of seasoned e-discovery litigators, in-house counsel and federal judges.

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Blog: The New Cybersecurity Executive Order

By Airen Adamonis, Copy Editor          

The United States is currently at war with China.  However, this war is not taking place on any battlefields.  It’s taking place in cyberspace.  According to a recent article published by the Washington Post, the United States has been the tar...

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