Sedona Conference® to Use JOLT Article at 10th Annual Georgetown Law Center Advanced e-Discovery Institute Program

For ten years, the Sedona Conference® has been working together with the Georgetown Advanced e-Discovery Institute to produce the finest e-Discovery education in the nation...

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Blog: Privacy Concerns and the New iPhone

by Silvia Lee, Associate Staff

People waited in lines all over the world on Friday, September 20th to purchase Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 5s. Among the mobile device’s new features is a fingerprint scanner built into the home button...

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Blog: Google’s Street View Captures More Than Just Pictures

by Dylan Denslow, Associate Staff

If you ask someone a question and they don’t know the answer, it’s a fair guess that their answer will be “Google it.”  These days, it seems like Google is used for everything – it’s expanded much further than a simple Internet search engine...

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Blog: The Dangers of Keyloggers

by Miles Jolley, Associate Staff

A few college kids have recently found themselves in federal hot water for taking advantage of campus computers.  For two different but sinister ends, Matthew Weaver and Marcus Barrington used keyloggers to steal others’ online usernames and passwords...

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Blog: Early NFL Matchups Giving Superbowl Stiff Competition

by Walton Milam, Associate Staff

Though the Superbowl typically provides the best television advertisement of the year, the 2014 political races and particularly the Virginia gubernatorial election are giving the NFL championship a run for its money...

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Blog: Mario vs. the Internet: How Nintendo Chose to Enforce its Intellectual Property Rights

By Dimitri Karles, Associate Staff

The universal appeal of video games is impossible to deny. According to data collected by the Electronics Software Rating Board, the regulatory body that oversees the video game industry, 67% of US households play video games.[1] This ubiquity has led to record s...

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JOLT 2013-2014 Outlook and Announcement of 20th Volume Alumni Celebration

by Benjamin Fox, Editor-in-Chief

Following the announcement of the new staff members in August, JOLT turned its full attention to Volume XX.  I would like to take a few moments to discuss our outlook for this year, and announce some special plans...

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Blog: Should Search Engines be Responsible for Personal Information on the Internet?

by Spencer Mead, Associate Staff

Should Search Engines be Responsible for Personal Information on the Internet?


            Advances in technology and the Internet have revolutionized how human beings interact. 20 years ago, embarrassing moments were rarely caught on camera...

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Blog: NCAA Getting Out of the Video Game Business?

By Kevin Conneran, Associate Staff

With the beginning of a new football season, every college football fan is acutely aware of the challenges that his or her school will face this season...

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Blog: NSA Surveillance, the Boston Bombing, and Political Incentives

by Walton Milam, Associate Staff

The National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic electronic communication has garnered much attention in recent months...

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