Volume XIII (2006-2007), Issue 3 (Spring 2007)

Introduction: contains Cover, Table of Contents, Letter from the Editor, and Masthead



Managing Preservation Obligations After The 2006 Federal E-Discovery Amendments
  by Thomas Y. Allman


Information Inflation: Can The Legal System Adapt?
  by George L. Paul and Jason R. Baron


In Pursuit Of FRCP 1: Creative Approaches To Cutting And Shifting The Costs Of Discovery Of Electronic Information
  by Mia Mazza, Emmalena K. Quesada, and Ashley L. Sternberg


The Two-Tier Discovery Provision Of Rule 26(B)(2)(B) - A Reasonable Measure For Controlling Electronic Discovery?
  by Theodore C. Hirt


Backup Tapes, You Can't Live With Them and You Can't Toss Them: Strategies for Dealing with the Litigation Burdens Associated with Backup Tapes Under the Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  by Grant J. Esposito and Thomas M. Mueller


The 2006 Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure: Accessible and Inaccessible Electronic Information Storage Devices, Why Parties Should Store Electronic Information in Accessible Formats
  by Benjamin D. Silbert