Richmond Journal of Law &Technology

Vol. I // Spring 1995 // Issue 1

Founding Editors

Richard P. Klau

William K. Kendall
Executive Editor

Edwin Y. Szeto
Managing Editor

Christina M. Harris
Articles Editor

Benjamin D. Leigh
Notes & Comments Editor

Carlos E. Figueiras
Manuscripts Editor

Karen L. Bleattler
Business Editor


Associate Editors Stephanie E. Lucas
Managing Editor

Stephen A. Coren
Manuscripts Editor

Joseph W. Myers



Staff Members

Donald E. Burgess
Stephen A. Coren*
Sheryl L. Herndon
Stephanie E. Lucas*
Carlisle F. Lustenberger
Joseph W. Myers*
Holly S. Oehrlein
Andrea Weckerle

* These staff members were selected by the Founding Editors to join the Editorial Board in March of 1995.


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