Volume IV, Issue 2, Winter 1997

Free Speech & The Internet: The Inevitable Move
Toward Government Regulation

Related Browsing


Related Browsing provides the readers with other web pages that may be of interest. Related Browsing adheres to the following format and order:
Name of the Web Site, Name of the Web Page (description of the web page) <web_page_address>.

Association for Computer Machinery, USACM Free Speech and the Internet (documents opposing Internet censorship) <http://www.acm.org/usacm/speech/>.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, One Planet, One Net: CPSR Campaign on Internet Governance <http://www.cpsr.org/program/nii/onenetindex.html>.

Communications Media Center at New York Law School, Online Firms to Censor Internet <http://www.cmcnyls.edu/public/bulletins/olfvcint.htm>

Cyberspace Law Center, (a web site is designed to be an evolving resource for those interested in legal issues concerning cyberspace) <http://www.cybersquirrel.com>.

Electronic Privacy Information Center, Internet Censorship (events concerning Internet censorship) <http://www.epic.org/free_speech/censorship>.

Electronic Privacy Information Center, Censorware: A Post-CDA Solution? <http://www.epic.org/free_speech/censorware/>.

Global Internet Liberty Campaign, (focuses on international policy of internet censorhsip) <http://www.gilc.org/>.

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