Richmond Journa

l of Law &Technology

Volume VI, Issue 3, Part I

Winter 1999

Report from the Court: State Bans Employees From Indecent Internet Activity; U.S. Fourth Circuit En Banc hearing of Urofsky v. Gilmore.

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Related Browsing provides the readers with other web pages that are topically related to the featured article/note and that may be of interest to our readers. Freedom of Speech, Shielding Children, Transcending Balancing, written by Professor Eugene Vololh, cited in the Supreme Court Review (1997 Sup.Ct. Rev. 141). Cyberliberties page of the ACLU. This site contains articles on recent cases, releases and report on Congressional issues regarding the Internet. Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK): Materials related to the American Civil Liberties Union v. Reno case. This website contains the text of the case, Urofsky v. Allen. "Focus on Technology." A North Carolina court says that an educator's First Amendment rights not are violated. The Electronic Frontier Foundation list of related cases, commentaries, and articles published on June 26, 1997. Justice on Campus Project's mission is to preserve free expression and due process rights at universities. Their online archive includes reports on disciplinary charges, speech codes, and censorship on college campuses around the country. The Project was one of 20 plaintiffs in the ACLU's successful challenge of the Communications Decency Act. The New Wave of Speech and Privacy Developments in Cyberspace written by Eric J. Sinrod, Jeffrey W. Reyna and Barak D. Jolish. This article discusses issues of blocking internet content, Reno v. ACLU and protecting minors.

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