Richmond Journa

l of Law &Technology

Volume VI, Issue 5, Spring 2000

Opening Up to Open Source

Shawn W. Potter

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Related Browsing provides the readers with other web pages that may be of interest. - Richard Stallman explains the numerous benefits of OSS projects. (April 1, 1998) - This site contains numerous commentaries by different authors, celebrating the benefits of Open Source Technology. - This site offers several complementary views of the open-source phenomenon. - Press releases concerning the community's strengthening support of the Open Source campaign. - A resource for business professionals interested in maintaining a high level of awareness of the news pertaining to Linux and the Open Source communities. - This paper takes on an explorative approach to open-source software development methodology, examining several projects and analyzing them in context of widely known software development methodologies such as life-cycle, prototyping and the spiral model. - This essay describes the facts and merits of the decentralized form of Linux development and support. It suggests some ways that the continued development and growth of free software such as Linux can be encouraged. - A project whose goal is to provide more coherent, comprehensive documentation on how Linux can be used to solve common business problems. - Thoroughly describes how the open-design circuit approach outlined in this article captures the true advantages of open-source software, and applies them to hardware. - Jason V. Morgane's article, Chaining Open Source Software: The Case Against Software Patents, describes how the increased use of software patents threatens the future Open Source Software. - This article, written by Nathan Newman, explores the past history of the government's support for open source computing, examines the lessons of its success and the results of its pullback in the early 1990s, and uses this history to outline a policy program for the future. - An article, written by Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, for the Houston Law Review, discusses the principles of open source licensing and why licensing is central to the open source revolution. - Open Source Licensing Page. Stromian Technologies offers this page which has links to articles, history, definitions and commentary on Open Source Licensing. - The Open Source Revolution by Tim O'Reilly (with an introduction by Esther Dyson). This article summarizes the size of the open-source community, the benefits, and business models. - University of Dayton School of Law offers an on-line cybercrimes seminar.

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