1) http://www.cptech.org: Consumer Project on Technology's (CPT) work on UCITA and understanding how it harms consumers.

2) http://www.badsoftware.com: A book by Cem Kaner and David L. Pels about getting your money's worth when you buy computer software. The authors wrote it to help you get a refund, support, or compensation for significant losses caused by defective software. Bad Software will help you explore your legal rights. The book spends more pages on negotiating with publishers than suing them, but if they will not play fair, you don't have to put up with it.

3) http://www.4cite.org: AFFECT, Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions, is a broad-based national coalition of industry leaders, libraries and consumer organizations dedicated to educating the public and policy makers about the dangers of UCITA, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act. AFFECT supports improvements in high-quality computer and information technology and the growth of fair and competitive markets in the United States and believes that UCITA is a dangerous, anti-competitive, anti-business, anti-consumer measure that will have a negative impact on the American economy and the development of electronic commerce and new technologies.

4) http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/ucita.html: Why people must fight UCITA from the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

5) http://www.nwu.org/pic/ucita2.htm: Why writers should actively oppose UCITA.

6) http://www.law.uh.edu/ucc2b/: From this web site, individuals may view and download the official draft of Article 2B of the U.C.C. The most recent draft is the August 1, 1998 Draft.

7) http://www.affect.ucita.com/what.html: The history of UCITA, what's wrong with it, five reasons why consumers oppose it, the cost of doing business under UCITA, frequently asked questions, myths and facts, glossary of terms, and additional materials - from Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions (AFFECT).

8) http://www.txla.org/html/legis/ucita.html: UCITA THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL INFORMATION TRANSACTIONS ACT. This is an explanation of what UCITA is, its background, the progress of the UCITA legislation, an explanation of who is working on UCITA, and an explanation of why it is seen so negatively.

9) http://www.ucitanews.com: This page is dedicated to providing unbiased, up-to-date information on UCITA. The website's Legislative Scorecard will track the bill's progress in state legislatures throughout the country.

10) http://www.ucitaonline.com: State legislator's home page; what's happening to UCITA in the states; FTC software warranty project; UCC Art. 2 software exclusion; legal articles; drafting UCITA.

11) http://www.bob-n.com/ucita/index.html: Fight for freedom - oppose UCITA.

12) http://www.ucita.org: This web site is the future source of up-to-date, state-by-state, status information and breaking news on UCITA legislative initiatives and related PAC activities.

13) http://www.infoworld.com/ucita: Purpose of the page is to help readers grasp how UCITA will affect them and to see why InfoWorld has taken a strong stand opposing UCITA as it is currently written.

14) http://www.troubleshooters.com/ucita/greedware.htm: Just say no to Greedware.

15) http://www.2bguide.com: The 2BGuide is intended for both lawyers and non-lawyers who are interested in following or commenting on the law (UCITA) as it is being written.

16) http://www.spf-15.com: Software available only for states which have not passed UCITA.

17) http://www.law.upenn.edu/bll/ulc/ucita/citam99.htm: UCITA draft for approval.

18) http://www.arl.org/ucita.html: UCITA: A Guide to Understanding and Action - A Satellite Teleconference.

19) http://www.consumerlaw.org/ucita/: UNIFORM COMMERCIAL INFORMATION TRANSACTIONS ACT CONSUMER ADVOCATES' SITE. Explains five major reasons why UCITA should not be accepted.

20) http://www.slashdot.org/features/00/02/17/0038235.shtml: Lobbying against UCITA - A practical guide.

21) http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/01/07/02/010702opfoster.xml: This page explains the proposed law and its potential impact. It also give some basic information and links to related sites.

22) http://www.maccentral.com/news/9907/05.ucita.shtml: UCITA - A Reason to Worry?

23) http://www.bmck.com/ecommerce/ucitacomp.htm: This is a state by state listing of the status of UCITA in The United States as of July 24, 2001.

24) http://linuxticker.com/article/135.html:Various reports, definitions, bills, and drafts of and pertaining to UCITA.

25) http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/jan2000/gn2000221000700.htm: UCITA passes in Virginia.

26) http://www.arl.org/info/frn/copy/ucita101.html: A complete overview about what UCITA is, how it came into existence, who opposes it, who agrees with it, and when it was first conceived.

27) http://www.state.va.us/governor/news2000/ucita0314.htm: Virginia becomes first state to adopt UCITA as Governor Gilmore signs the first UCITA transactions act in the country.

28) http://www.samsrv.com/ucita.htm: Provides basic information about UCITA in a negative light.

29) http://www.bsa.org/usa/policy/consumers/ucita.phtml: UCITA is a new legislation that deals with the consumption of information and the new way business is done electronically in the modern age.

30) http://nccusl.org/nccusl/pressreleases/pr3-15-00.asp: Virginia leads nation in enacting new legal rules for computer information transactions.

31) http://www.gigalaw.com/articles/uhlfelder-2000-12-p8.html: This article lists the states which have adopted UCITA, it also lists the states which have introduced and rejected it as well as those that are still studying it.

32) http://www.webfarm.com/Broadsides/UCITA.html: An analysis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and UCITA. This article reflects negativity on their adoption.

33) http://www.wsba.org/sections/biz/lcc/report/2000/ucita.htm: The Executive Committee of the Business law section of the Washington State Bar Association recommends adoption of UCITA to balance electronic commerce and software transactions.

34) http://commons.somewhere.com/rre/1999/RRE.UCITA.formerly.Artic.html: Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code that was biased towards vendors and seen as bizarre by some critics has returned in the form of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act.

35) http://www.ecfonet.com/articles/al_now_ucita.html: Too much power may be given to the major software companies if the UCITA legislation is accepted on a wide level by the different states.

36) http://www2.cnn.com/2001/TECH/computing/01/26/ucita.on.agenda.idg: Arizona, Oklahoma, Deleware and Texas are being approached by NCCUSL to adopt the controversial UCITA legislature that has already been passed by Virginia and Maryland.

37) http://www.sotech.state.va.us/UCITAQA.htm: Q&A on UCITA from the Virginia Office of the Secretary of Technology.

38) http://dc.internet.com/views/print/0,,2111_305621,00.html:The Virginia Assembly is the first legislative body to pass the Uniform Computer Information Technology Act.

39) http://www.ecomforum.org/ucita.html: State legislators are being pushed by NCCUSL with help of major software companies to enact the UCITA legislation after NCCUSL's ten year effort to create such a law.

40) http://www.eff.org/Intellectual_property/DRM/UCITA_UCC2B/20000131_fight_ucita_stallman_paper.html: This article makes the point that UCITA will endanger the free software community. It says that large software corporations should be held to a strict standard of liability to their customers while individuals and amateurs should be given less stringently.

41) http://jcots.state.va.us/documents/00-01/00AC5FinalReport.htm: The final report and conclusions on UCITA prepared by the Joint Commission on Technology and Science.


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