Blog: NSA Surveillance, the Boston Bombing, and Political Incentives


  by Walton Milam, Associate Staff   The National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic electronic communication has garnered much attention in recent months.  The NSA apparently has access to immense databases that the government claims will protect Americans from international and domestic terrorist threats.  While the extent of the NSA’s …

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Databases Lie! Successfully Managing Structured Data, the Oft-Overlooked ESI

Download PDF Cite as: Conrad Jacoby, Jim Vint & Michael Simon, Databases Lie! Successfully Managing Structured Data, The Oft-Overlooked ESI, 19 RICH. J.L. & TECH 9 (2013), available at   By Conrad Jacoby,* Jim Vint,** & Michael Simon***   [1]        Legal professionals regularly advise clients to ensure that the storage, retention, and …

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E-Discovery as Quantum Law: Clash of Cultures-What the Future Portends

Download PDF Cite as: Michael Yager, E-Discovery as Quantum Law: Clash of Cultures—What the Future Portends, 19 RICH. J.L. & TECH 10 (2013), available at   By Michael Yager* I.  Introduction [1]        Early in the twentieth century, the phenomenon that is the “quantum”[1] stormed the fortress of classical physics, causing Albert …

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