December 4, 2017


Dear Readers,


We are proud to present Issue One of the Twenty-Fourth Volume of the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology. We were fortunate to work with talented authors to provide an Issue that is timely, relevant, and innovative.

Our first article was written by Sofia Grafanaki. Ms. Grafanaki is the Chief Operating Officer of Data Elite and wrote an article which calls for regulation of big data technologies. Ms. Grafanaki identifies issues that are inherent to algorithms employed by various social media platforms and explains how these algorithms inhibit genuine choice in the consumption of content. Ms. Grafanaki further provides that interference with choice is detrimental to the marketplace of ideas. Ms. Grafanaki suggests that regulation in this area is necessary as it is improbable that the market would be able to correct itself.

Our second article was written by Carrie Leonetti from the University of Oregon School of Law. In this article, Ms. Leonetti compared emerging lie detection technologies to existing polygraph technology and the legal regime which surrounds it. As these new techniques are beginning to become more prevalent on the horizon of criminal law, Ms. Leonetti warns about the dangers associated with premature adoption of these new technologies in the investigation and prosecution of crimes. Ms. Leonetti advises that these technologies require further vetting prior to their use and application in the criminal law context.

In addition to our authors, I would like to thank our talented and hard-working staff. Our journal members have worked diligently and without reservation of their time and talent to provide the best possible iteration of Issue One. We would not be able to produce such a fine product without their dedicated efforts. Our new Editorial Board, 3L staff, and 2L staff welcome you to our inaugural issue of Volume Twenty-Four, and we look forward to bringing you more innovative content in the near future.


Sincerely yours,

Nick Mirra

Editor-in-Chief, Vol. XXIV


Drowning In Big Data: Abundance Of Choice, Scarcity Of Attention And The Personalization Trap, A Case For Regulation, by Sofia Grafanaki

Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, Same Song, Different Chorus: The Newest Iteration Of The “Science” Of Lie Detection, by Carrie Leonetti