April 17, 2018


Dear Readers,


We are proud to present Issue Two of the Twenty-Fourth Volume of the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology. It is my privilege to introduce three new articles that are varied in their topics, but are consistent in their novelty and quality of authorship.

Our first article was written by Mr. Ryan Suit. Mr. Suit explores the future of the North American Energy Grid and the issues it faces. Mr. Suit implores the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) to take on a European model in regard to adopting a planning role for transmission lines between the United States and Canada. Under this model, Mr. Suit anticipates that infrastructure will be improved and it will open avenues for the implementation of more renewable energy sources.

Our second article was written by Mr. Russ Pearlman. Mr. Pearlman explores the potential for artificial intelligence systems to be recognized as authors and inventors under the United States intellectual property law regime. Mr. Pearlman makes a compelling case for how the law could accommodate recognition of artificial intelligence authorship and inventorship.

Our third article was written by Mr. Daniel Garza. Mr. Garza focuses on software patents and pretrial ineligibility in the wake of Mayo and Alice. Mr. Garza explores ineligibility issues that software patents have faced in recent years, and whether recent Federal Circuit cases are changing the tides of software patent ineligibility.

I would like to thank our authors and our staff for their tireless work on this Issue. We hope that our readers enjoy the articles as much as our Editorial Board and Staff enjoyed producing Issue Two.


Sincerely yours,

Nick Mirra

Editor-in-Chief, Vol. XXIV


Charging Forward with NERC: An International Approach to Solving North America’s Grid Problem, by Ryan Suit

Software Patents and Pretrial Dismissal Based on Ineligibility, by Robert Garza

Recognizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Authors and Inventors Under U.S. Intellectual Property Law, by Russ Pearlman