We’re excited to announce the migration of the JOLT website to a new more secure server.  All of our existing content will be migrated to our new website, featuring: Issue II to be published this week, our ongoing blog posts regarding the most topical subjects on the intersection of law and technology, and our past Issues and Symposium materials. You will also soon be able to view the most recent recordings of our Symposium sessions.  As our most recent Symposium highlighted, ransomware and malware attacks can occur through a variety of platforms and varied levels of sophistication. To enhance our site’s own cyber security, we are in the process of migrating the entire journal site to a new server with enhanced features to increase stability and preventative safety measures. For more details regarding the breadth of cyber attacks, see our upcoming Survey Issue, to be published in the coming weeks, with several articles addressing cyber breaches. We hope you regularly visit the JOLT site to find and discover scholarship on law and technology.