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Volume XIX (2012-2013)

Issue 1: Fall 2012


1.  “Forensic Collection of Electronic Evidence from Infrastructure-As-a-Service Cloud Computing,” by Josiah Dykstra and Damien Riehl

2.  “Technologies-That-Must-Not-Be-Named:  Understanding and Implementing Advanced Search Technologies in E-Discovery” by Jacob Tingen

3.  “A ‘Pinteresting’ Question: Is Pinterest Here to Stay? A Study in How IP Can Help Pinterest Lead a Revolution” by Stephanie Chau

4.  “An Expected Harm Approached To Compensating Consumers for Unauthorized Information Disclosures” by Rachel Yoo


Issue 2: Winter 2013

Letter from the Editor, Table of Contents


5. Keeping the “Free” in Teacher Speech Rights: Protecting Teachers and their Use of Social Media to Communicate with Students Beyond the Schoolhouse Gates by Mark Schroeder

6. Taking Note: On Copyrighting Students’ Lecture Notes by Matthew M. Pagett

7. Exposing Latent Patent Infringement by Bryan Blumenkopf


Issue 3: Spring 2013

Letter from the Editor, Table of Contents


8. Local Rules, Standing Orders, and Model Protocols: Where the Rubber Meets the (e-Discovery) Road, by Thomas Y. Allman

9. Databases Lie!  Successfully Managing Structured Data, the Oft-Overlooked ESI, by Conrad Jacoby, Jim Vint, & Michael Simon

10. E-Discovery as Quantum Law: Clash of Cultures-What the Future Portends, by Michael Yager

Download accompanying presentation from Spring 2013 Symposium

11. Social Media Evidence in Government Investigations and Criminal Proceedings: A Frontier of New Legal Issues, by Justin P. Murphy and Adrian Fontecilla

Download accompanying presentation from Spring 2013 Symposium


Issue 4: Summer 2013


12. Information Governance: It’s a Duty and It’s Smart Business, by Charles R. Ragan

13.  No Implied Effect: The ‘Safe’ FCC Cell Phone Radiation Standard and Tort Immunity by Implied Conflict Preemption, by Sean M. Sherman

14. Snapchat and Sexting: A Snapshot of Baring Your Bare Essentials, by Nicole A. Poltash