Volume X (2003-2004)

Issue 1: Fall 2003

Introduction: contains Cover, Table of Contents, Letter from the Editor, and Masthead


1.   California’s Database Breach Notification Security Act: The First State Breach Notification Law Is Not Yet a Suitable Template For National Identity Theft Legislation — Timothy H. Skinner

2.   Towards a Theory of Cyberplace: A Proposal For a New Legal Framework — Ronnie Cohen and Janine S. Hiller

3.   Appealing a Rejection at the Patent Board of Appeals: Analysis of Recent Board Decisions and Non-Appeal Alternatives — Susan Perng Pan

4.   The Academy Chokes on Food Biotech, Public Policy Suffocates — Henry I. Miller, MD


5.   Globe Newspaper Co. V. Commonwealth: An Examination of the Media’s “Right” to Retest Postconviction DNA Evidence — Emily S. Munro

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