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Volume XII (2005-2006)

Issue 4 – Annual Survey: Spring 2006

Introduction: contains Cover, Table of Contents, Letter from the Editor, and Masthead


13.   The Impact of the Proposed Federal E-Discovery Rules — Thomas Y. Allman

14.   A Duty Everlasting: The Perils of Applying Traditional Doctrines of Spoliation to Electronic Discovery — Michael R. Nelson and Mark H. Rosenberg

15.   Waiving the Privilege in a Storm of Data: an Argument For Uniformity and Rationality in Dealing With the Inadvertent Production of Privileged Materials in the Age of Electronically Stored Information — Dennis R. Kiker

16.   Shifting Burdens and Concealing Electronic Evidence: Discovery in the Digital Era — Rebecca Rockwood

17.   Legal, Factual and Other Internet Sites for Attorneys and Others — Timothy L. Coggins

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