November 6, 2018


Dear Readers,


We are proud to present Issue One of the Twenty-Fifth Volume of the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology.  We were fortunate to work with talented authors to provide an Issue that is timely, relevant, and innovative.

Our first article was written by JOLT’s most recent Editor-in-Chief, Nicholas Mirra.  Mr. Mirra is an Associate at Woods Rogers PLC in Roanoke, Virginia.  His article discusses the practical and legal implications of Adobe’s Project VoCo.  He analyzes current weaknesses in the Federal Rules of Evidence and offers a new standard for admitting voice evidence.

Our next article was written by four authors: Jean Bacon (Professor, University of Cambridge), Johan David Michels (Research, Queen Mary University of London), Christopher Millard (Professor, Queen Mary University of London), and Jatinder Singh (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge).  The authors first provide a comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology, explaining how it works and how it is used in different ways.  The authors then discuss the legal implications of the technology and the benefits of centralized blockchain networks versus purely decentralized blockchain networks.

Our third article was written by two authors: Kimberly A. Houser (Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University) and W. Gregory Voss (Associate Professor, Toulouse Business School).  The two authors offer very timely insight into the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.  The article provides clear and concise guidance for U.S. companies to understand and comply with the new regulation.

Our final article was written by Kyle Richard, a transactional and tax attorney at the University of Washington.  Mr. Richard’s article is a timely analysis of the fair use doctrine.  He urges the Supreme Court to grant certiorari in a recent Second Circuit case and adopt what he terms the “broad view” of fair use which balances intellectual property rights and incentivizing creative expression.

On behalf of the Editorial Board and Staff, I would like to thank our fantastic authors for their innovative and timely articles on important issues.  In addition to our authors, I would like to thank our talented and hard-working staff.  Our journal members have worked diligently to provide the best possible iteration of Issue One.

We would not be able to produce such a fine product without their dedicated efforts.  Our new Editorial Board, 3L staff, and 2L staff welcome you to our inaugural issue of Volume Twenty-Five, and we look forward to bringing you more innovative content in the near future.



Putting Words in Your Mouth: The Evidentiary Impact of Emerging Voice Editing Software, Nicholas Mirra

Blockchain Demystified: A Technical and Legal Introduction to Distributed and Centralised Ledgers, Jean Bacon, Johan David Michels, Christopher Millard, and Jatinder Singh

GDPR, The End of Google and Facebook or a New Paradigm in Data Privacy?, Kimberly A. Houser & W. Gregory Voss

Fair Use in the Information Age, Kyle Richard